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Meet Us

Everything we teach, we've experienced ourselves. Far from being perfect or above daily struggles, like anyone else, we've been hurt, depressed, and anxious, and we know how moods and the inevitable ups and downs of life directly affect our relationships. Though it all, our regular practice is the superpower that helps us bounce back to the center with an open heart as we grow in empathy, patience, respect, and compassion for ourselves and those around us.


We are serious and rigorous in our professional and personal development and strive to offer as many resources as possible to meet your needs with kindness, curiosity, warmth, and understanding. 


We are fully committed to this path and have been fortunate to practice and train with great teachers in wonderful centers and accredited institutions —Having both joined at least one long silent retreat a year for many years. 


Why work with us? Because we practice what we teach, and would love to offer you a sheltered, safe refuge where you can discover your real potential and learn to fully appreciate, savor & celebrate the beauty and goodness that is all around us. 

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Our Story

We are life partners, parents, teachers, and students and strive to balance these roles and many others with compassion, connection, and commitment in mind. 


Mindfulness has been part of our lives for decades, even before joining as a couple. Because we've experienced its benefits first-hand, we continue to embrace a mindful lifestyle and received training to share it with you. 


MindfulNest is much more than our work. It is our life purpose and a way of building together a better future for us, our family, and our community. 


Because we agree that we can "be the change we want to see in the world." 


Gabriela Contreras

Certified Mindfulness Teacher – Professional Level


Eli Bravo

Certified Mindfulness Teacher – Professional Level

M.S. in Psychology

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