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Eli Bravo
Certified Mindfulness Teacher – Professional Level
M.S. in Psychology

I´m a Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT), integrating mindfulness-based practices for individuals, couples, and families. Before working as a counselor, I had a successful career in media as an on-air host and producer for global corporations. While I was “successful,”  I felt burned out and dissatisfied. I decided to embrace a new life purpose, and mindfulness offered me a clear compass.

For decades, I kept my personal meditation practices to myself, but in 2015 I joined a mindfulness retreat for facilitators at Spirit Rock, California. The following year I enrolled in a one-year training at the Mindfulness Awareness Research Center in UCLA, where the science and art of meditation are elegantly interwoven. Following my curiosity on the therapeutic applications of mindfulness, I moved into a Master in Psychology at Albizu University, Miami, graduating in 2021 as a Marriage and Family Therapist. As part of my continuing education, I completed a certification in Contemplative Psychotherapy at the Nalanda Institute in New York. 

Along with my wife, Gaby Contreras, I co-founded Inspirulina, a leading digital platform for Spanish content on health and well-being. Later on, we co-founded Mindfulnest as a launching pad for our shared interest in teaching mindfulness, learning more about the human mind, and cultivating an integrative and transpersonal approach to happiness, health, and wisdom. 


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How can I help? If you have any questions, please send me an email, and let´s start a conversation.

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