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Gabriela Contreras
Certified Mindfulness Teacher – Professional Level

My Journey...

For as long as I can remember, I quietly played the part laid out for me, while deep inside, I couldn't shake the feeling that something was off. Painfully shy and insecure, I found it quite hard to connect.

Born and raised in Venezuela, studied architecture, married too young, divorced too fast, in 1996 —about to move from Venezuela to the US for a new job—the timing seemed perfect to gift myself the present of a trip to India for my 30th birthday. Little did I know that this 4-week trip turned 6-month experience would change the course of my entire life. There, during my first 10-day silent meditation retreat, I realized that I had no idea who I was or how I functioned.


As I paid close attention, for the first time, to the relationship between my mind, body, and heart, I soon realized that my "mind" had a life of its own and that "I" had very little power over it. But if I didn't control my mind, what or who did? If I am not my "mind," who am I? This fundamental question inspires me in my work to this day.


As I continued to practice, deep-rooted truths about myself began to come up to the surface. I realized that I had never been completely honest with myself or my loved ones. That if I genuinely wanted to be seen and loved, I had to overcome my fears and insecurities, accept my vulnerabilities, and build the courage to be genuinely ME. 


A profound shift took place within me, and I was deeply shaken by a newfound clarity that came from just sitting in silence, paying attention to myself in a particular way — I was hooked.

I continued to be deeply committed to my practice, participated in many retreats, and served in many more as my external world continued to evolve. I built strong, deep, beautiful friendships. I found love and became a mother, and as my life changed, my practice did as well. I learned that my awareness and discipline alone were not enough, and that without Compassion and Self-care, my practice was unbalanced. 


Years later, when at 50, I unexpectedly found myself confronting tough personal and professional challenges; my meditation practice guided and supported me again, helping me find the courage to fight depression and to reinvent myself.


Now, a certified Mindfulness Meditation teacher and Positive Neuroplasticity trainer, I've learned the tools to counteract that awful feeling of "something is wrong," or "something is missing," and have never felt more aligned and connected with myself or those around me. 

Knowing that life is not about being perfect but about being loved, I can fully appreciate, savor and celebrate the beauty and goodness present in my life right now.


I would love to help you on your journey and share these Awareness and Compassion-Based practices so that you, too, can develop your inner mentor and learn to meet your vulnerabilities with kindness, embrace change with a calm mind and an open heart, and live your best life fully.


"The goal is not to perfect yourself but to perfect your love!" —J. Kornfield

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How can I help? If you have any questions, please send me an email, and let´s start a conversation.

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