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Mindfulness based tools for daily life.

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Mindfulness means seeing clearly. When we learn to pay attention the right way, we discover that happiness depends not so much on circumstances, but rather on loving ourselves and our lives exactly as they are.
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Feel less stressed, more grounded, and lead a happier, more meaningful life with a deeper connection to yourself and the world around you.

We'll guide you

in developing an easy, effective, and enjoyable Mindfulness meditation practice, to weather everyday challenges and to handle the inevitable ups and downs of life.

Using simple, proven, easy to practice mind and heart exercises, you will learn all the tools and elements you need to fulfill your true potential, find a deeper connection -with yourself and others- and experience more joy and happiness overall. 

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Relax, recharge and take the first step towards 
greater balance, calm, and happiness — no matter what.


 Classes & Workshops 

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our clients:

"These mindfulness workshops helped me understand my emotions better and find a straightforward way to manage them. I'm happy with the practices I learned." — María Isabel.

Mindfulness is not only our work but our way of life. And MindfulNest is our way to give back by offering you a safe and nurturing space to discover and explore these beautiful and profound practices that have been life-changing for us and hundreds of people around the globe.

Gabriela Contreras

Certified Mindfulness Teacher – Professional Level

Eli Bravo

Certified Mindfulness Teacher – Professional Level

M.S. in Psychology

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