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Program 1
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Program 1: Foundations of Mindfulness /

5-Week Mindfulness Training

This 5-class series is designed to guide you in the process of incorporating a Mindfulness practice in your life. It covers the four foundations of the practice -Breath, Body, Emotions & Thoughts-, its scientific basis, daily applications, and practical exercises to train your mind to help you reduce your emotional reactivity and develop a greater capacity to respond wisely and intentionally

  • Class 1: What is Mindfulness? / Introduction.

  • Class 2: Be Right Where You Are / Connecting with your Breath. 

  • Class 3: Awakening in Our Bodies / Awareness of Sensations.

  • Class 4: Willingness to be with Things as they Are / Managing your Emotions.

  • Class 5: Our Story Telling Minds / Observing your Thoughts. 

Program 2
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Program 2: Practices of the Heart /

3-Week Mindfulness Training

This 3-class series is designed to help you deepen your daily Mindfulness practice. We will review the qualities and practices of love, compassion, joy, and happiness, the scientific evidence of how they affect our brain, and their application daily. Through easy-to-do, practical exercises, you will learn to train your brain to reduce emotional reactivity while developing a greater capacity to respond to your daily challenges in a loving, conscious, and intentional way.

  • Class 1: Love, Compassion, Equanimity & Joy.

  • Class 2: Self-Compassion, Gratitude & Generosity.

  • Class 3: Happiness.

Program 3
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Program 3: Cultivating Happiness /

4-Week Positive Neuroplasticity Training

Because of its evolved negativity bias (which helped our ancestors survive), the brain is good at learning from bad experiences but relatively bad at learning from good ones—


This Training is about skillfully using your mind to turn fleeting beneficial experiences (Already present in your life) into lasting inner resources, such as strength, resilience, emotional balance, calm, happiness, confidence, compassion, mindfulness, and love.

  • Class 1: Using your Mind to Change your Brain - Introduction

  • Class 2: HEAL Practice - Seeing the good 

  • Class 3: Growing Strengths for Safety - Petting the Lizard 

  • Class 4:  Growing Strengths for Satisfaction - Feeding the Mouse 

  • Class 5: Growing Strengths for Connection - Hugging the Monkey

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