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the power of
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A simple definition of mindfulness by Jon Kabat-Zinn is “paying attention to what´s happening, as it´s happening.” This mind&heart-on workshop provides the foundations to harness our innate capacity to focus attention and reduce stress while cultivating a more balanced life. Blending the science behind mindfulness with the art of contemplative practices in ways that makes sense, this experience is suited for those who think, “I cannot make my mind stop.”

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 Your emotions move you; there´s no way around that. How can you manage them so they don´t control you? This experiential workshop will get you in touch with your emotions without getting lost in them. It all starts with recognizing what´s going on and then developing a sense of space, agency, and intelligence to harness the emotional energy you are feeling. Because here´s the deal: you can experience your emotional field while keeping a focused, open, and balanced response.

the wisdom
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   A new playfield opens up when you take mindfulness beyond an effective practice to develop attention.  It is not just about focus but about how you use your intelligence and wisdom for your benefit and the benefit of those around you. This workshop brings to the forefront the power of kindness, happiness, compassion, and equanimity as solid foundations to build a life of connection, meaning and success. Best of all, we´ll do it in a way to make sense in the here and now, with the everyday challenges of our modern world.

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